Youth Advisory Council

Empowering young minds, influencing the future of public education.


The GSBA Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is a dynamic platform that brings together young leaders from various public schools to actively participate in the discourse on educational policies and practices. This council empowers students to voice their perspectives and contribute to decision-making processes, ensuring that youth viewpoints are integral in shaping the educational landscape. Through this initiative, GSBA fosters a culture of engagement, leadership development, and advocacy among students, thereby nurturing the next generation of informed and involved citizens.

Youth Advisory Council

Student Benefits

Be a voice in education: shape the future of education with GSBA.

Leadership Development

Cultivate strong leadership abilities, learning to guide discussions, strategize, and work collaboratively, essential skills for future endeavors.

Advocacy and Policy Insight

Gain a deep understanding of educational policy-making, enhancing your ability to advocate effectively for meaningful change in the education system.

Networking Opportunities

Build valuable connections with peers, educators, and professionals, broadening perspectives and creating opportunities for future collaboration.

Voice and Impact

Ensure the youth perspective is integral in shaping educational policies and practices, giving you a significant role in decision-making.

Critical Thinking

Engagement in the council fosters critical analysis and innovative problem-solving skills as students address real-world educational challenges.

Personal and Professional Growth

Enhance personal development, building resume and college application content and showcasing a commitment to education and leadership.

Meet the 2023 Council

Youth Advisory Council

Submit Your Application

Seize this unique opportunity to shape the future of education in Georgia by applying to the GSBA Youth Advisory Council – your voice matters!

Student applications are currently closed but will reopen in March of 2025. Please read and review the YAC information packet for more information about the application process. 

Activity Timeline

Key Dates and Milestones: Your Guide to the GSBA Youth Advisory Council Activities

March 1
Application Window Opens
March 25
Application Window Closes
April 1
Video Application Open
April 22
Video Application Closes
July 18-19
Youth Advisory Council Retreat
August 19
Council Zoom Meeting
September 16
Council Zoom Meeting
October 21
Council Zoom Meeting
December 2
Council Zoom Meeting
December 12-13
GSBA Annual Conference

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