Volunteer Instructional Leadership Learning Academy


The Volunteer Instructional Leadership Learning Academy​ (VILLA), tailored exclusively for Georgia’s school boards and districts, aims to empower school districts in educating their communities about the operation and significance of school systems. This initiative fosters a well-informed community that actively supports and understands the goals and functioning of public schools.

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Community Leadership Learning Academy

The VILLA Program, administered by the school district, aims to empower parent volunteers and community leaders with skills for effective school system engagement. It offers six courses on key topics like operations, budgeting, history, law, technology, and curriculum, featuring interactive sessions, tailored handouts, and assignments. The program includes a practical field trip and concludes with a graduation ceremony to honor the participants’ accomplishments.

Additional materials are available via the Community Schools Playbook, including a version of the playbook for download.

Interactive Six Course Toolkit

Customize PowerPoint presentations for your district and view handout samples for each course, utilizing toolkit assets fully or partially to meet your needs.

Course One

Lay of the Land

Examine an introductory overview of the school system’s structure, key functions, and the role of community involvement in education.

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School District Information

Course Two

Overview of the Local School District

Examine the specifics of local school district operations, governance, and its impact on the community through example documents.

Course Three

Education Operations

Learn the inner workings of educational systems, covering aspects such as administrative procedures, resource allocation, and daily school management.

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Course Five

Field Trip

Experience a hands-on learning experience, allowing participants to visit educational sites for a practical understanding of school operations and educational strategies.

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Course Six


Celebrate the achievements of the participants, marking the completion of their comprehensive training in school system leadership and engagement.