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The #supportpubliceducation campaign is an initiative aimed at showcasing the positive impact and success stories of Georgia’s public schools. We encourage school districts across the state to join in and amplify their achievements by sharing inspiring stories, innovative projects, and examples of excellence using the hashtag. Get involved and let’s celebrate the remarkable contributions of our public schools together!

Support Public Education

Spotlight on Success

Amazing things are happening in Georgia’s public schools! “Spotlight on Success” shines a light on the daily triumphs and inspiring stories unfolding in schools and districts across the state. From innovative classroom projects to community service initiatives, these videos showcase the diverse ways our schools are nurturing the next generation. Discover and celebrate the unwavering dedication of teachers, staff, and school leadership, alongside the hard work and achievements of our students, who together are shaping a brighter future for all.

Get in touch if you would like to learn more about becoming a featured school or district.

Student Video Contest

The GSBA Student Video Contest empowers Georgia’s students to showcase their educational experiences through creative digital storytelling. This opportunity enhances media skills, celebrates student achievements, and showcases the vibrant learning environments in Georgia’s schools. Participation in this contest promises not only recognition and potential awards for students but also a chance for schools and districts to demonstrate their commitment to promoting student engagement and creativity.

Youth Advisory Council

The GSBA Youth Advisory Council (YAC) brings together young leaders from diverse schools to engage in educational policy and practice discussions, empowering them to voice their perspectives and influence decision-making. This initiative fosters a culture of leadership development and advocacy, ensuring that youth viewpoints are integral in shaping a more inclusive and responsive educational landscape.

Youth Advisory Council

Conference Highlights

Conference Highlights

Explore the 2023 GSBA/GSSA Annual Conference with our dynamic video recap! From insightful workshops to lively networking, we’ve captured the essential moments in a fun, fast-paced overview. Experience the energy and collaborative spirit that defined the event, making it a must-see for those who attended and those who missed out. This video is your shortcut to the key highlights and takeaways.