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Our software helps boards lead and govern effectively and operate efficiently.

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About Simbli

Simbli helps boards automate and simplify everyday tasks through software that facilitates paperless meetings, strategic planning, policy management, board evaluations, document management, and communications.

The software was originally developed by GSBA for the purpose of helping Georgia school boards operate more efficiently and effectively. With over 25 years experience, Simbli is trusted by hundreds of organizations nationwide, including 173 Georgia school districts, with the organization reinvesting every dollar back into supporting public education.

Board Management Software

Bridging the gap between effective board governance and efficient board management.

Effective boards do more than just conduct meetings. They communicate regularly, plan strategically, manage board policy, and measure performance through ongoing evaluation. Simbli’s board management software includes a suite of integrated modules that help streamline all of these activities, helping boards maximize productivity and stay focused and aligned on the things that matter most.

Simbli is affordable, super easy to use, incredibly secure, and accessible on any device with an internet connection. It’s also fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), SOC certified, and viewable in a variety of languages.

By the Numbers

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of GSBA members use Simbli Policy software
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of GSBA members use Simbli Meetings software
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of GSBA members use Simbli Planning software
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of GSBA members use Simbli Evaluation software

What They Say

"As the Board Secretary, Simbli Meetings Software has been a game-changer for our school district, providing a seamless, integrated platform for agenda setting, document management, and real-time collaboration that has revolutionized our board meetings. Its intuitive features have saved me countless hours, allowing a more strategic focus rather than administrative tasks, dramatically enhancing our board's productivity."
Gitty Landrum
Gitty Landrum
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
Marietta City Schools
"Simbli has been a transformative addition to our operations at Baldwin County Schools. This board management software has greatly enhanced our efficiency in handling critical tasks such as policy management, strategic planning, and board evaluations. Over the years, it has significantly improved our district's ability to streamline processes and focus more effectively on delivering quality education to our students."
Dr. Noris Price
Dr. Noris Price
Baldwin County Schools

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