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GSBA’s Risk Management Services (RMS) offer comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of Georgia school districts, ensuring the safety and security of students, staff, and facilities. With a focus on proactive measures, GSBA helps schools identify potential risks, implement effective mitigation strategies, and develop emergency response protocols. Through expert guidance, training programs, and ongoing support, RMS empowers schools to foster a culture of safety, resilience, and excellence in education.

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Protecting What Matters Most

GSBA Claims

Take the first step towards resolving your claim swiftly and effectively by submitting it to GSBA's expert Risk Management Claim Services team today.
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Safety and Loss Control

Explore personalized safety and loss control services designed to help provide a safe and healthy work environment for all students and employees.
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Builder’s Risk Coverage

Secure your construction project with GSBA's Builder's Risk Coverage Services and protect your school district's investments with confidence.
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Board of Trustees

Learn more about GSBA's Risk Management Board of Trustees and their commitment to safeguarding Georgia schools and districts.
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Listen to GSBA Risk Pods

Join GSBA's Risk Management Services podcast for the latest insights on student and staff safety, and peak operational performance for your facilities and fleet.

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Additional Services

GSBA offers cost-effective finance programs for school districts, partnering with the Georgia Municipal Association since 2011. Together, we’ve provided over $88 million in real estate lease financings and $14.7 million in equipment leasing for Georgia schools.

Risk Management Fund and Workers Compensation Fund

GSBA Risk Management Services expertly manages funds and provides prompt assistance for district losses, handling claims in-house and offering specialized services through strategic partnerships.

Safety Grants

GSBA’s Risk Management Services proudly extends annual Safety Grants to member districts to assist and improve safety in local school systems.

School Safety

What They Say

"I am a new Risk Manager for our district and GSBA has been vital to my transition. I have contacted GSBA representatives several times with questions, trying to gain a better understanding, and the GSBA staff are always willing to help, friendly, and knowledgeable about risk management. One thing I truly appreciate is GSBA's ability to research and provide trustworthy advice on best practices from other districts. Their expertise gives me confidence in their recommendations."
Tracy Fox
Tracy Fox
Director of Risk Management
Muscogee County School District
"GSBA is always quick to respond in a time of crisis such as Friday’s fire or a natural disaster like last year’s micro-burst that took off the roof to our auditorium. We truly appreciate not only the rapid response but also the immediate on-site clean-up and quick repair. We experienced very little downtime. In fact, we had three incidents over the past two years and we ended up losing zero school days total! We appreciate GSBA’s support of Ware County during our time of need."
Jim L. LeBrun
Ware County Schools

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Contact GSBA’s Risk Management Services team today and take proactive steps to protect your assets, staff, and community. Our experts are here to guide you toward a safer and more secure future. 

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