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Comprehensive policy and legal support for educational compliance.

Policy and Legal Services
Policy Workshop Session

Our Services

GSBA’s Policy and Legal services help inform and advise Georgia districts about critical policies and legal matters. We keep districts well-informed about crucial policies and legal matters, including legislative changes, compliance requirements, and other developments within the educational landscape. Our objective is to empower districts with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions and stay up-to-date with policies and legal regulations that influence their governance and operations.

Policy Services

Revise, maintain, manage, and communicate district policies.

Policy Manual Revision

GSBA's Policy manual revision services offer flexible options to meet your district's needs. Whether you require a comprehensive revision for manuals older than five years or timely updates for manuals revised within the last five years, we provide tailored solutions to keep your policies current and aligned with evolving educational requirements.

Policy Maintenance

GSBA's Policy Maintenance annual subscription ensures your manual stays current with evolving state policies and regulations. With monthly board minutes reviews, quarterly Policy Update Newsletters, and expert consultation for policy adoption, we provide comprehensive support to keep your policies aligned with educational requirements.

Simbli Policy Management Software

Streamline your policy management with Simbli's Board Policy Management software by simplifying policy updates, compliance checks, and stakeholder distribution. Conveniently manage, access, and search policies in multiple languages, including handbooks and manuals, improving efficiency and saving valuable time.

Professional Development

Participate in the annual GSBA Policy Workshop, held every June during the GSBA Summer Conference, for a deep dive into policy updates and essential information for educational leaders. This workshop offers a comprehensive overview of the latest policies, ensuring you stay well-informed and prepared for the evolving educational landscape.

What They Say

"The policy services GSBA has provided have been a game-changer for our district. Their commitment to keeping us updated on the latest policies and regulations has streamlined our operations and improved our decision-making, ultimately benefiting our students and staff. It's improved both efficiency and transparency."
Dr. Debra Smith
Board Member
Hall County Schools
"GSBA's policy management services, coupled with Simbli's policy software, have simplified how we handle policies in our district. It's like having a dedicated team ensuring compliance and an efficient software system that simplifies policy access and updates. Together, they've elevated our policy management to a whole new level."
Dr. Steven W. Flynt
Columbia County Schools

Simbli Policy Management software - one place to manage, access and search your district's policies in multiple languages.

Legal Resources

For over seventy years, GSBA has played a leading role in assisting local school boards in understanding Georgia’s education laws, rules, and regulations, ensuring compliance and helping protect the best interests of students and staff through access to expert legal resources.

Workshops and Resources

GSBA offers legal workshops, resources, and learning opportunities for board members and attorneys throughout the year, including the highly-attended E. Freeman Leverett Legal Issues Workshop, held annually at the GSBA/GSSA Annual Conference.

Simbli eLaw Software

Simbli’s eLaw software is an online, user-friendly legal reference tailored for school and district leaders, offering quick answers to common legal questions through a searchable question-and-answer format, spanning topics from discipline matters to open records and meetings.

Georgia Council of School Board Attorneys

The Georgia Council of School Board Attorneys (GCSBA) is dedicated to providing support to legal professionals representing local boards of education in Georgia, and its members are eligible for membership in the National Council of School Attorneys.

GSBA Legal Issues Workshop

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Policy and Legal Services

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