The mission of the Georgia School Boards Association is to ensure excellence in the governance of local school systems by providing leadership, advocacy and services, and by representing the collective resolve of Georgia’s elected boards of education.


GSBA Named Recipient of 2019 NSBA Leading Edge Award

The National School Boards Association (NSBA) recognized the Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA) for their development of innovative projects that promote and advance public education by naming them as the recipients of the 2019 Leading Edge Award.

Established in 2018, the Leading Edge Award honors state school boards associations for creating a statewide initiative program that provides needed services to support the work of local school boards. This year the award recognizes AASB for its School System Snapshot tool and GSBA for its Georgia Vision Project. The two state associations will receive their award at NSBA’s Summer Leadership Seminar held August 15-18 in Chicago.

“The Leading Edge Award recognizes the invaluable services our state associations provide to their local school boards,” NSBA Executive Director and CEO Thomas J. Gentzel said. “The School System Snapshot tool and Georgia Vision Project both advance public education’s mission by engaging partners in addressing critical issues in each state.”

Working collaboratively with the Georgia School Superintendents Association, GSBA led the development of the Georgia Vision Project by creating and messaging a coherent vision for public education. The Georgia Vision Project is built on the foundation of the following seven components:

  • Early learning and student success
  • Teaching and learning
  • Teaching and learning resources
  • Human and organizational capital
  • Governance, leadership and accountability
  • Culture, climate and organizational efficacy
  • Financial resources


The Georgia Vision Project organizes the resources and energies of Georgia’s stakeholders to effectively focus on preparing students to become contributing members of a democratic society and global economy.

GSBA also recognized the need to launch a statewide messaging campaign known as Spark to engage communities. The Spark campaign aims to ignite a spark in Georgia public school students by highlighting positive stories on how students capitalize on opportunities as a basis for a successful future.

“We are so proud of the accomplishments of the Georgia Vision Project and the Spark campaign,” GSBA Executive Director Valarie Wilson said. “Having a solid foundation and a vision for Georgia’s public education system sets a high level of success for students but also establishes a blueprint for the future.”

“We have a seen an improvement in the public’s perception about our schools through a heightened awareness of the importance of a vibrant public education system,” Superintendent of Newton County Schools Samantha Fuhrey said. “The Vision Project’s leadership has resulted in greater collaboration between the public and private sectors.”

The Vision Project has grown to include more than 50 partner organizations since launching in 2010. Stakeholders continue to join and actively partner as the Vision Project continues to transform public education in Georgia. To learn more, visit the Georgia Vision Project and the Spark campaign to learn more.


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The mission of GSBA is to ensure excellence in the governance of local school systems by providing leadership, advocacy and services, and by representing the collective resolve of Georgia’s 180 elected boards of education.