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Dec 27, 2016

Every day, Glynn County’s teachers and students create positive news worth sharing. But too often, those stories aren’t heard beyond school walls.

The Spark! campaign aims to change that.

The Spark! campaign, part of the Georgia Vision Project, intends to support public education by spreading positivity in school systems.

The Glynn County school system plans to amp up its role in the campaign at the start of the new year, said Anna Hall, public relations specialist for Glynn County schools. Hall encouraged parents, teachers and other school staff to submit positive stories, to be shared through social media, on the school website and in the news.

“This is just a really good outlet to display the positive work that teachers are doing,” Hall said. “Teachers work hard — they work long hours, they spend their own money to buy school supplies, they spend their own time to encourage these students to work hard and play a more positive role in the community on their own.”

The Spark! campaign, founded in February 2014, offers a model to help school administrators and teachers around Georgia spread the positive news going on in school districts. “Our purpose from a statewide perspective is to find stories in and around the state and tell those stories,” said Justin Pauly, director of communications for the Georgia School Boards Association, which helps lead the Georgia Vision Project.

The stories are shared through videos, articles and opinion pieces, and Pauly said these efforts will be amped up next year.

“It’s really promoting the positive — highlighting teachers, students and administrators,” he said. “It may be something they’ve done, it may be an accomplishment, it may be a program. But it’s highlighting the exciting things in public education.”

But the responsibility to find and share this news falls on local school districts, he said, so the campaign is tailored to each community.

“We can’t take the place of a local campaign,” he said.

The framework needed for the Spark! campaign has been set up for Glynn County schools, Hall said, through an increased social media presence and an added “Public Relations” tab on the school system website, under which there is now a “Submit News” form.

“So anyone can go on our website and send information about what’s happening,” Hall said. “And now that we have the social media outlets to share this information, we’re set up to play an active role in the Spark! campaign.”

The purpose of the campaign is to engage the community in the school system and ignite a passion for learning and for public education, Hall said.

“We’re really just trying to be more engaged with the community and to hear their stories,” she said. “There is so much good news that’s coming out of our school system, that’s not just test scores and graduation rates.”

The campaign also connects school districts around the state, helping them share effective tactics in keeping communities informed about good news.

“Every school district in the state is part of it, but you have to have a framework set up to share the stories — and now we have the framework,” Hall said.

So for those looking to share good news, as well as photos and captions, stories can be submitted at and look for public relations under the district tab.

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