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District Director Newsletter

The GSBA District Director newsletter provides timely updates, strategic insights, and valuable resources to GSBA district directors in their governance roles across Georgia.

New Board Member Newsletter

The GSBA New Board Member newsletter offers essential guidance, best practices, and supportive resources tailored for newly elected or appointed school board members in Georgia.

Risk Management Services Exchange Newsletter

The GSBA Risk Management Services Exchange newsletter delivers expert advice, updates, and strategies for effectively managing and mitigating risks within Georgia's school districts.

Policy Updates

GSBA's policy update subscription services provide timely revisions to school governance policies, ensuring Georgia's school boards stay aligned with evolving educational laws and best practices.

GSBA Agenda Magazine

GSBA’s Agenda Magazine provides valuable insights, updates, and information relevant to school boards, educators, and stakeholders involved in the field of education in Georgia. The magazine features articles on best practices in education governance, success stories from various school districts, legislative updates impacting education, interviews with educational leaders, and discussions on emerging trends and challenges in the education sector. It serves as a resource for members to stay informed about the latest developments in education policy, leadership, and innovation within the state.

Archives: Fall 2023  |  Spring 2023  |  Fall 2022