The mission of the Georgia School Boards Association is to ensure excellence in the governance of local school systems by providing leadership, advocacy and services, and by representing the collective resolve of Georgia’s elected boards of education.


Who to contact

  When you need help with:   Click on Name below or call:   Phone/ext
Administrative Assistance Mary Bailey 770-995-4371
Appraisals/Evaluations Cliff Hood or Member Advocate 706-878-8702
Board of Trustees Mary Bailey 770-995-4375
Bonds  Inga Copeland 770-822-3644
Builders Risk (New construction/renovations) John Shore or Member Advocate 770-995-4372
Bus Liability Forms Inga Copeland 770-822-3644
Bus Safety Program David Colvard 770-995-4367
Certificates of Insurance Member Advocate or Inga Copeland 770-822-3644
Claims-Auto Physical Damage Laurie Barczykowski 888-245-4722 ext. 5348
Claims-Auto/Liability Loss Laurie Barczykowski 888-245-4722 ext. 5348
Claims-Cyber John Shore 770-995-4372
Claims-Employee Accidents  (Workers Compensation)  Debra Stephenson 888-245-4722 ext. 5346
Claims-Employee Accidents  (Workers Compensation)  Dawn Stevens 888-245-4722 ext. 5344
Claims-Employee Accidents  (Workers Compensation)  Scott O’Brien 888-245-4722 ext. 5353
Claims-General Liability/ Premises Claims  Laurie Barczykowski   888-245-4722 ext. 5348
Claims-Property Loss Ben Barnes 859-962-9988
Claims-School Leaders Legal Claims Laurie Barczykowski 888-245-4722 ext. 5348
Contact Updates David Colvard 770-995-4367
Coverages (Any line) John Shore 770-995-4372
Crisis Event Coverage John Shore 770-995-4372
(CSRM) Certified School Risk Management Program  David Colvard 770-995-4367
Drone Coverage John Shore 770-995-4372
Employee Safety Videos David Colvard 770-995-4367
Exchange Newsletters Mary Bailey 770-995-4371
Flood policies John Shore 770-995-4372
GASB 10 Letters  (Annual Financial Audits) John Shore 770-995-4372
General Inquiries Mary Bailey 770-995-4371
Loss Control David Colvard 770-995-4367
Member Assistance (Member Advocate) Dr. Ricky Brantley 912-281-6581
Member Assistance (Member Advocate) Lori Sours 404-434-0865
Member Assistance (Member Advocate) Mickey Key 229-529-4403
Member Assistance (Member Advocate) Cliff Hood 706-878-8708
Member Assistance (Member Advocate) Darrell Evans 770-653-0008
Member Assistance (Member Advocate) Damon Gibbs 678-617-6725
Origami Risk John Shore 770-995-4372
Payroll Audits Member Advocate or Cliff Hood 770-995-4379
Phone/Tablet App David Colvard 770-995-4367
Physician Panel Scott O’Brien 770-995-4372
Renewals  Member Advocate or John Shore 770-995-4372
Risk E-lerts David Colvard 770-995-4367
Safety Scenarios  David Colvard 770-995-4367
SafeSchools Online Training David Colvard 770-995-4367
School Bus Safety Online Training David Colvard 770-995-4367
Special Events Liability Insurance Coverage Member Advocate or John Shore 770-995-4372
Webinars David Colvard 770-995-4367
Website David Colvard 770-995-4367
White Papers (Legal Briefs) Mary Bailey 770-995-4371
  GSBA Toll Free Number 800-226-1856