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Administrative Assistance Mary Bailey 770-995-4371
Appraisals/Evaluations Cliff Hood or Member Advocate 770-995-4379
Board of Trustees Mary Bailey 770-995-4371
Bonds Jill Smith 770-995-4373
Builders Risk (New construction/renovations) John Shore 770-995-4372
Bus Liability Forms Jill Smith 770-995-4373
Bus Safety Program David Colvard 770-995-4367
Certificates of Insurance Jill Smith 770-995-4373
Claims-Auto Physical Damage Jill Smith 770-995-4373
Claims-Auto/Liability Loss Scott O’Brien 888-245-4722 ext.16
Claims-Cyber Jill Smith 770-995-4373
Claims-Employee Accidents (Workers Compensation) Debra Stephenson 888-245-4722 ext. 35
Claims-Employee Accidents (Workers Compensation) Dawn Stevens 888-245-4722 ext. 14
Claims-Employee Accidents (Workers Compensation) Scott O’Brien 888-245-4722 ext. 16
Claims-Employee Accidents (Workers Compensation) Sheila Ulrich 888-245-4722 ext. 19
Claims-General Liability/ Premises Claims Jill Smith 770-995-4373
Claims-Property Loss Jill Smith 770-995-4373
Claims-School Leaders Legal Claims Jill Smith 770-995-4373
Contact Updates David Colvard 770-995-4367
Coverages (Any line) John Shore 770-995-4372
Crisis Event Coverage Jill Smith 770-995-4373
(CSRM) Certified School Risk Management Program David Colvard 770-995-4367
Drone Coverage Jill Smith 770-995-4373
Employee Safety Videos David Colvard 770-995-4367
Exchange Newsletters Mary Bailey 770-995-4371
Flood policies John Shore 770-995-4372
GASB 10 Letters (Annual Financial Audits) Jill Smith 770-995-4373
GASB 10 Letters (Annual Financial Audits) John Shore 770-995-4372
General Inquiries Mary Bailey 770-995-4371
Loss Control David Colvard 770-995-4367
Member Assistance (Member Advocate) Dr. Ricky Brantley 770-995-4369
Member Assistance (Member Advocate) Lori Sours 770-995-4376
Member Assistance (Member Advocate) Mickey Key 770-995-4374
Member Assistance (Member Advocate) Roger Mathews 770-995-4383
(MIMS) Member Insurance Management System Member Advocate or Jill Smith 770-995-4373
Origami Risk Jill Smith 770-995-4373
Payroll Audits Jill Smith or Cliff Hood 770-995-4379
Phone/Tablet App David Colvard 770-995-4367
Physician Panel Scott O’Brien 888-245-4722 ext.16
Renewals Member Advocate or John Shore 770-995-4372
Risk E-lerts David Colvard 770-995-4367
ROTC Certificate of Insurance Member Advocate or Jill Smith 770-995-4373
SafeSchools David Colvard 770-995-4367
Safety Scenarios David Colvard 770-995-4367
(STARS) (Loss Runs) Member Advocate 770-995-4377
Special Events Liability Insurance Coverage Member Advocate 770-995-4372
Webinars David Colvard 770-995-4367
Website David Colvard 770-995-4367
White Papers (Legal Briefs) Mary Bailey 770-995-4371