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Builder’s Risk Coverage

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The Builder’s Risk Coverage program, part of the Risk Management Fund (RMF), provides member school districts a product aimed at meeting their need to insure their builder’s risk exposure when they are either renovating a building or building a new structure.

What is Builder’s Risk Coverage?

  • Covers property during the course of construction
  • Can be purchased by the building owner, contractor, or sub-contractor; anyone with an insurable interest in the project

When do you need it?

  • New buildings
  • Additions
  • Renovation

Program Benefits

  • Comprehensive Coverage – especially helpful on renovation projects where it covers the building and the renovation materials all under one policy
  • Simplified Premium – cost runs for the term of the project even when it runs over a July 1st renewal in the RMF.  If project runs over, Member simply notifies GSBA for an extension of coverage
  • Broad Coverage and Competitive Premiums
  • Coordination with GSBA RMF property coverage – coverage dovetails with existing property coverage

Coverage Details

  • Projects are classified into one of three categories:
    • Light Renovation—typically painting, flooring, lighting, HVAC modifications, etc.
    • Heavy Renovation—projects will be quoted/underwritten on an individual basis.  typically would last greater than 12 months;  Examples are: roof replacements, adding square footage, etc.
    • New Construction—projects will be quoted/covered by GSBA-RMF as long as they project is below $50 million
  • Limit of $50 Million for new projects
  • Limit of $50 Million for renovation projects
  • Higher limits available upon request with underwriters’ approval
  • Competitive Pricing
  • One premium quoted up front for the term of the project
  • RMF coverage runs through the term of the construction project irrespective of policy dates

How to apply?

  • Same GSBA 3-page application combined with CBIZ data (for renovation projects)
  • Quick turnaround on providing a pricing quote
  • Upon binding, endorsements are issued to the Member on a per project basis

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Request a proposal or contact a Member Advocate in your area for more information.