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Risk Management Fund



The GSBA Risk Management Fund provides school districts an alternative to purchasing traditional insurance by providing the only source of risk protection dedicated to Georgia Public Schools. The Fund offers a comprehensive program for property and casualty coverage that meets or exceeds the needs of Member school districts.

The Fund delivers personal support to its members at the highest professional level as needed for all liability and property insurance related services. A team of risk management staff and consultants are in place to assist members in minimizing loss exposures, injuries, and damages through risk identification, assessment, planning, physical inspections, research and other special state-wide initiatives and meetings oriented to public schools and education.

Program Benefits Include:

The GSBA RMF provides a long-term arrangement with its members that is not cancelable because of individual loss experience and not subject to audit or sudden cost fluctuations.

  • The GSBA RMF eliminates overcomplicated and inefficient traditional insurance purchasing including a common renewal date of July first that mirrors school districts’ fiscal year
  • Group self-insurance funds, allow for longer term-savings and sound risk financing
  • GSBA RMF offers schools broader coverage not always available in the standard market.
  • Offers consistent, public education-oriented safety and risk control consulting services.

Coverage Available:


Property coverage provided by the GSBA Risk Management Fund is one of the most comprehensive policies available to public school districts in Georgia. Below is a list of just some of the benefits afforded to school districts who are currently taking advantage of this coverage:

  • The coverage is written on a blanket basis, eliminating the need for an agreed amount endorsement. There is no coinsurance requirement, thus, affording the school system more coverage and eliminating the possibility of a coinsurance penalty in the event of a loss.
  • Broad coverage including Flood, Earthquake and Terrorism coverage provided in accordance with the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002.
  • High sub-limits are provided for Debris Removal and Demolition & Increased Cost of Construction.
  • Each member when joining the Risk Management Fund will have a property appraisal completed to ensure that members are not over or under insuring their assets and as long as a school system remains a member of the Fund, a property appraisal will be conducted every three years.

Property Appraisals Upon joining the Risk Management Fund, each member will receive an independent property appraisal determining replacement cost values on all buildings owned and operated by the district. The Fund’s property coverage does not attach a co-insurance clause to its policy like many standard insurance companies to; therefore, the property appraisal helps ensure that all property owned by the school district is covered at 100% replacement cost. This feature eliminates any concerns a member might have of recovering fully should a loss occur. Upon completion of the property appraisal, the member will receive a bound report including:

  • Update values of all buildings/structures/contents
  • Colored pictures of each structure
  • Diagram of each structure
  • Summary section of all structures
  • Appraisal completed within six months of joining the Fund
  • The Appraisal is paid for by the Fund.
  • For additional information contact John Shore.


There are four lines of liability coverage offered in the Risk Management Fund: General Liability, School Board Legal Liability, Law Enforcement Liability and Auto Liability.

Cyber-Risk/Data Breach Coverage

Members of the GSBA-Risk Management Fund are offered the opportunity to purchase comprehensive cyber-risk coverage designed to protect your school system in the event of a data breach.

Coverage includes:

  • Liability to a third party as a result of network failure or exposure of confidential information including handling lawsuits from the breach
  • Identity theft response services (i.e. credit monitoring), forensic investigation costs, along with the expenses included in notifying parents
  • Fines and penalties associated with the violation of privacy laws
  • Expanded coverage under the Personal Injury and School Leaders Liability cyber exposure
  • Costs related to public relations and crisis management expenses to manage a breach reported in the news media by a highly skilled team trained for this type of event
  • Fines and penalties owed by the school district due to a breach from non-compliance with published PCI data security standards under Merchant Service Agreements

School Board Legal Liability

School Board Legal Liability (SBLL) provides coverage for damages when a member becomes legally obligated to pay due to acts, errors and omissions off the Member rendered within the course and scope of their duties.

Coverage Includes:

  • Employment Related Disputes: including hiring, terminations, and discrimination involving sex, age and ability.
  • Sexual Abuse: including allegations of sexual misconduct.
  • Defense Cost Coverage: including allegations of improper student discipline and corporal punishment and demands for non-monetary relief.
  • Defense Costs in Special Education Cases: including defense costs for the Member and defense and ancillary costs other than to the Member.

Law Enforcement Liability

Law Enforcement Liability provides coverage primarily to Members with their own police departments in the performance of law enforcement activities.

Coverage Includes:

  • Third Party Bodily Injury and Property Damage
  • Personal Injury Liability

Auto Liability and Physical Damage

Auto Liability provides coverage applies to damages caused by an accident resulting from the ownership, maintenance or use of a covered auto.

Coverage Includes:

  • Third Party Bodily Injury and Property Damage
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist
  • Medical Payments
  • Hired and Non-owned Auto Coverage
  • Automatic coverage is extended for substitute and newly acquired vehicles to the existing coverage categories that have been elected by the school system.

General Liability

General liability coverage extends to the school district, trustees, board members, employees, teachers, students and volunteers. The coverage offers different occurrence and aggregate options.

Coverage Includes:

  • Third Party Bodily Injury and Property Damage
  • Personal Injury Liability
  • Employee Benefits Liability
  • Defense Costs that are outside the limits


This Coverage is a solution for protecting a schools district’s facilities. GSBA RMS has made it easy for outside organizations using school property and facilities to obtain the required coverage for events taking place outside of a school district’s scope and responsibility. This coverage could be one of the most important policies that school districts can provide to outside organizations using school facilities. Click here to start using this valuable tool!

Crisis Response

Provides coverage for crisis events which result in bodily injury, property damage or the threat of imminent injury to multiple persons. A crisis event includes a bombing or explosion, the taking of hostages, a shooting, terrorism and the contamination of food or drink.

Coverage Includes

  • Crisis Response
  • Crisis Management Loss Expense


Provides coverage for crisis events which result in bodily injury, property damage or the threat of imminent injury to multiple persons. A crisis event includes a bombing or explosion, the taking of hostages, a shooting, terrorism and the contamination of food or drink.

Coverage Includes

  • Crisis Response
  • Crisis Management Loss Expense


Provides liability coverage for students participating in unpaid field work experiences including internships and vocational programs that are authorized and approved by the school district.

Coverage Includes

  • Bodily Injury
  • Property Damage
  • Personal Injury

Click here to request a proposal or contact a Member Advocate in your area!


Crime coverage is written on a blanket basis as opposed to scheduled amounts for various types of loss; providing more coverage should a loss occur.

Coverage Includes:

  • Employee Dishonesty/Faithful Performance
  • Money and Securities (inside and outside the premises)
  • Depositor Forgery
  • Computer Fraud

Additional Coverages Include:

  • Superintendent Bonds
  • Driver Education Bonds

Optional Liability Coverage (available for purchase by users of School District facilities):