The mission of the Georgia School Boards Association is to ensure excellence in the governance of local school systems by providing leadership, advocacy and services, and by representing the collective resolve of Georgia’s elected boards of education.


Member Services

GSBA offers a wide array of services to assist local boards and school districts effectively govern and manage everything from policy manuals and strategic planning to public engagement and risk management.

Since 1951, the Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA) has worked to ensure excellence in governance of the state’s 180 public school districts through leadership, advocacy and specialized services.

GSBA Services Are Backed By 70 Years of Excellence

Explore the services area to learn how your district can be cutting edge in technology, policy, training, risk management, strategic planning and public engagement. View the GSBA Services Brochure or click on the services below for more details.

GSBA has developed Capitol Watch Online where viewers can read daily reports of action under Georgia’s “Gold Dome” while the Georgia General Assembly is in session and find out about certain bills and pieces of legislation. The association also provides numerous opportunities for engagement through workshops and forums.

GSBA conducts training and workshops for governance teams and support staff, as well as Whole Board Governance Training. GSBA provides two major conferences each year: The GSBA/GSSA Annual Conference and the Summer Conference and Delegate Assembly. These trainings and conferences allow members to earn their required training credits mandated by the State Board of Education.

In partnership with GSBA, the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) has two financing programs available to school boards: the Direct Lease Program and the Bricks & Mortar Program.

GSBA membership also allows a district to become a BuyBoard member for FREE. Once a district signs up, they have the ability to make purchases from an approved list of vendors that have gone through a competitive bidding process.

The GSBA HUB is a FREE online community exclusively developed for GSBA members. Dedicated to serving the talented, hard-working board members and district leaders of GSBA, the HUB is intended to be an online community of learning and collaboration, facilitating more efficient and effective board governance.

GSBA offers new board members a mentor who provides counsel, is a valuable resource and is a guide on the path to good boardsmanship. The mentors give advice about school board roles and responsibilities based upon best practices. The mentors do not offer legal counsel or advice on how to vote.

GSBA assists local school boards and system staff in policy development through a number of services: full policy manual revisions, an update service for policy manuals revised by GSBA within the last five years, a policy maintenance service and sample policy information.

GSBA can assist the district in making strategic decisions about how to engage stakeholders at various levels of the organization, internally and externally. We can also provide assistance on matching the engagement activity to the issue so that the information and result is what you need to move the district forward.

Membership in GSBA’s Risk Management Fund and Workers’ Compensation Fund provides school boards with a proven means of preserving lives, protecting facilities, minimizing disruptions and recovering from unexpected events. Resources provided to members include safety training for employee groups such as bus drivers, custodians and food service staff; special webinars and training on safety and liability issues.

Simbli is a web-based governance portal that boards and school systems can use to communicate about and manage meetings, policies, strategic plans,evaluations, news, documents and legal information.

In collaboration with the Georgia Leadership Institute for School Improvement (GLISI), GSBA provides a multifaceted strategic planning process that begins with a community engagement component. The process involves many stakeholders in the development of a plan that reaches from the central office level to the school and classroom level.

The GSBA Superintendent Search process is designed to allow each board to individualize the search process for its next superintendent around a framework of leadership competencies that reflect the best practices in educational leadership.