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Empower your leadership with expert training, guidance, and resources.

GSBA Conference Member Benefits

Service and Expertise

GSBA stands alone in its commitment to elevating the standards of school board governance throughout Georgia, leveraging more than seven decades of distinguished service and expertise. Our wide array of services is designed to refine board management, elevate governance practices, cultivate forward-thinking leadership, strengthen community ties, and boost student success. By partnering with GSBA, boards gain access to innovative tools, strategies, and resources that drive educational excellence and better outcomes for communities.

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Key Benefits


Expert advocacy and representation on educational policy at the state level.

Professional Development

Elevate board performance with leadership training, workshops, online courses and events.

Policy and Legal

Expert advice and policy development support tailored to your district's needs.

Risk Management

Enhance student and school safety with risk management strategies and resources.

Helpful Resources

Discover new tools, publications, and resources tailored for schools and districts.

Strategic Planning

Learn best practices for setting visions, goals, and action plans for your organization.

Recognition Programs

Celebrate governance achievements with prestigious awards and acknowledgments.

Technology Tools

Leverage cutting-edge technology solutions, streamlining board operations.

By the Numbers

This concise, two-page document from GSBA offers a revealing infographic on the demographics of board members across the state, showcasing average tenure, age ranges, board sizes, and diversity in gender and ethnicity, alongside the total number of board members. The second page proudly highlights the extensive array of services provided by GSBA, complemented by compelling statistics that underscore the organization’s achievements and steadfast dedication to supporting and empowering its members – a testament to GSBA’s commitment to excellence and advocacy in school governance.

GSBA Member Benefits

What They Say

"GSBA has been instrumental in our district's success, providing unparalleled support, resources, and advocacy. Their commitment to excellence in governance is unmatched, making membership invaluable. I wholeheartedly recommend GSBA to any school leader seeking to enhance their board's effectiveness and impact."
Dr. Jonathan S. Patterson
Fayette County Schools
"As a board member, GSBA's insights and resources have been transformative, fostering a more effective and collaborative governance environment. Their dedication to our professional growth and school improvement is evident, making my GSBA membership one of the most valuable investments for our board."
Amy Dees
Amy Dees
Board Member
Coweta County Schools