Local Georgia School Districts Receive GSBA Safety Grants

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Enhancing School Safety: GSBA's Commitment to Georgia's Students and Staff

The Georgia School Boards Association, Risk Management Services (RMS) is delighted to announce the winners of the 2022-2023 Safety Grant, aimed at bolstering safety measures within local school systems that are members of the GSBA RMS.

Recognizing the paramount importance of the safety of Georgia’s public-school students and staff, GSBA Executive Director Valarie Wilson emphasized the diverse aspects of safety beyond mere security measures. “Safety encompasses a broad spectrum, and the awarded school districts have demonstrated innovative approaches and best practices in ensuring a safe learning environment,” she remarked.

This year, the initiative saw a generous allocation of $60,000 in grant money, with an overwhelming response of over 50 applications from schools eager to enhance their safety protocols.


GSBA Director of Risk Management Services, Mr. Cliff Cole, shared his pride in the RMS staff’s dedication to supporting member schools with the necessary resources and guidance to foster effective safety programs and procedures. “It’s our privilege to back these districts in their mission to safeguard our schools,” he stated.

The selection process was rigorous, with all applications meticulously reviewed by a committee at the GSBA office. Comprising three representatives from various departments within the GSBA Risk Management Services division, the applications were assessed anonymously and on a comparative basis to ensure fairness and impartiality. The careful evaluation culminated in the selection of deserving recipients, who stood out for their commitment to safety excellence.

The awarded grants will be instrumental in implementing a range of safety initiatives, from enhancing physical security measures and emergency preparedness to promoting mental health and well-being within the school communities. This comprehensive approach underscores GSBA’s holistic view of safety, recognizing the need for a multifaceted strategy to address the diverse challenges faced by schools today.

Bacon County Schools

$515 - CPSI Instructor

Bryan County Schools

$5,000 - Emergency Evacuation/Relocation Equipment

Elbert County Schools

$4,825 - Water Hog Interior Mats

Evans County Schools

$4,200 - Safety Vests/Stop the Bleed Kits/Rolling EMS Carts

Heard County Schools

$1088- Steel Toe Shoes/Fire Extinguishers

Jefferson City Schools

$5,000 - Hydraulic Lifts Special Needs/Water Hog Mats

Lincoln County Schools

$5,000 - Shoes for Custodial/Food Service/Lifting Straps

Marietta City Schools

$5,000 - Additional 'Stop the Bleed' Kits

Newton County Schools

$2850 - EEOC Training

Oconee County Schools

$3,866 - Access Control Doors

Paulding County Schools

$5,000- Wet Floor Sign/Cordless Floor Dryer

Pelham County Schools

$2,250 - Stop Arm Cameras for Buses

Screven County Schools

$5,000- Watch Dog Security Cameras

Social Circle City Schools

$4,814 - HD Security Cameras for New Learning Cottages

Union County Schools

$3,581 - Floor Mats/First Aid Kits/Gloves/Oven Mitts

Whitfield County Schools

$3,454 - Knife Sharpeners for Food Service Kitchens