Join the Movement: #supportpublicschools Amplifies Georgia's Educational Excellence

At the heart of the Georgia School Boards Association’s (GSBA) mission lies a steadfast commitment to public education. Inspired by the powerful message from Jeff Henderson at the 2023 GSBA/GSSA Annual Conference, GSBA is taking a significant step forward to communicate what we stand FOR – public education.

In an exciting new initiative set to run from January to March 2024, GSBA will roll out an impactful billboard campaign across metro Atlanta, with the primary aim of highlighting the invaluable contributions of public education. This campaign, while starting in the metro area, has ambitions to reach the rural corners of Georgia, through strategic partnerships with the business community, amplifying the message that public education is a cornerstone of our state’s prosperity.

Georgia’s recognition as the No. 1 state for business for a decade is a collective achievement, reflecting the resilience of our state and the foundational role of our public schools.

Support Public Education

With 90% of the state’s students nurtured by the public education system, its influence on shaping a skilled workforce and attracting new businesses is undeniable.

However, despite these successes, challenges remain, notably the proposed legislation around public school vouchers. Such measures threaten to divert funds from public education, undermining our schools’ ability to serve every child. In response, GSBA’s strategic plan includes a focus on building public support for public education, aiming to enhance community engagement and bolster the overall perception and backing for this vital institution.

A key component of this campaign is the dynamic social media movement, anchored by the hashtag #supportpublicschools. This digital effort is designed to extend the campaign’s reach, including into rural areas, fostering widespread advocacy for public schools.

GSBA invites all members and the community at large to participate in this crucial initiative. By sharing positive stories from your schools on social media with the hashtag #supportpublicschools, we can collectively showcase the transformative power of public education in Georgia. This campaign is not just about billboards; it’s about igniting a statewide movement that celebrates and elevates the profile of public schools, ensuring they receive the recognition and support they richly deserve.

Together, we can make a difference. Join us in this vital campaign to champion public education across Georgia, sharing your success stories and affirming your support for the future of our students. Thank you for your dedication to serving our communities and for joining forces in this significant endeavor.