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Leading with purpose: Advocates for excellence in board governance.

Leading with Purpose

The Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA) Board of Directors provides leadership and governance for GSBA, a statewide organization that represents local school boards in Georgia. The boards sets policy and strategic direction for the organization, advocating for the interests of Georgia’s public school districts, and promoting effective governance and leadership within the education system. They also foster collaboration and support among school board members and the community to ensure the highest quality education for students across the state.

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GSBA consists of 180 members, representing the local boards of education governing Georgia’s 180 public school districts. These members are organized into 14 districts, with each school district appointing one delegate to represent their board at the annual business meeting known as the Delegate Assembly. This inclusive process guarantees that all members have a voice in shaping the Association’s positions, policies, and the selection of the Board of Directors, fostering a democratic and representative decision-making approach within the organization.

GSBA’s By-Laws state that the fourteen board members who comprise the GSBA Board of Directors shall be elected by board members within 14 regions of the state – one per region.