Enjoy reduced prices through cooperative purchasing.

About BuyBoard

The National Purchasing Cooperative’s BuyBoard program seeks to provide members with reduced prices through cooperative purchasing. GSBA membership enables districts to join BuyBoard for free, granting them access to approved vendors selected through competitive bidding. This streamlined procurement process aligns with Georgia procurement laws and enables districts to leverage the cooperative’s volume discounts through convenient online vendor and contract sourcing.

BuyBoard Purchasing Cooperative

Key Benefits

Streamlined Procurement for Cost-Effective School Purchases

Reduced Pricing

BuyBoard harnesses collective purchasing power for competitive vendor pricing while streamlining administrative efficiency.

Peace of Mind

BuyBoard showcases trusted vendors, conducts competitive procurement analysis, and publishes awarded products and services for review.

Time Savings

BuyBoard contracts undergo competitive procurement, saving time and bid costs and allowing districts to select multiple vendors easily.

Helpful Resources

Discover essential resources to enhance your BuyBoard experience. Find guides, FAQs, and more to help you and your team review options and next steps.