12.11.2024 - 12.13.2024

Join Us at the 2024
GSBA/GSSA Annual Conference

Make plans to join us in Atlanta this winter for outstanding learning opportunities, networking, collaboration, and fun!


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GSBA offers two conferences annually, providing invaluable learning and networking opportunities for educational leaders. The first, a mid-year gathering, delves into evolving educational trends and issues. The second, an end-of-year summit, celebrates achievements, explores challenges, and sets visions for the upcoming year. Both conferences unite expertise, innovation, and teamwork, sparking learning opportunities for all attendees.

GSBA 2024-2025 Conference offerings

Empowering Educational Leadership and Collaboration

GSBA/GSSA Annual Conference

Pre-Conference Workshops: Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2024
Exhibits: Wednesday, Dec. 11 – Thursday, Dec. 12, 2024
Conference: Thursday, Dec. 12 – Friday, Dec. 13, 2024
Renaissance Waverly, Atlanta, GA

GSBA Summer Conference & Delegate Assembly

Pre-Conference Workshops: Thursday, June 5, 2025
Exhibits: Thursday, June 5 – Friday, June 6, 2025
Conference: Friday, June 6 – Saturday, June 7, 2025
Hyatt Regency, Savannah, GA

Business Opportunities

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Connect, Collaborate, Learn and Grow

Networking Opportunities

Connect with fellow educational leaders and pioneers from diverse districts.

Innovative Insights

Gain exposure to the latest trends, strategies, and technologies in education.

Professional Development

Enhance your leadership skills through expert-led sessions and workshops.

Collaborative Learning

Engage in productive discussions and brainstorming sessions with peers.

Resource Access

Discover new tools, publications, and resources tailored for educational advancement.

Cultural Exposure

Immerse in a diverse gathering, understanding challenges and solutions from various educational settings.

Strategic Planning

Learn best practices for setting visions, goals, and action plans for your employees and organization.


Hear from motivational speakers and thought leaders who are transforming education.