Business Opportunities

Connecting businesses and organizations with Georgia's educational leaders.


The GSBA Business Opportunities Program fosters vital connections between businesses, organizations, and key figures in Georgia’s education sector. By joining, businesses gain unparalleled access to an influential network of over 1,800 education leaders, including school board members and superintendents. These leaders oversee significant budgets dedicated to enhancing school infrastructures, academic programs, and student services, impacting over 1.7 million students statewide. This program not only positions businesses at the forefront of Georgia’s educational landscape but also encourages mutual growth and innovation, building a stronger future for our schools and communities.
Business Opportunities

Program Options

The Business Opportunities program offers two partnership categories: Business Partners and Business Associates, each designed with tailored program offerings to meet the diverse needs of each organization.

Business Partners

GSBA selectively promotes Business Partner products and services that meet high quality and service standards after a comprehensive review process. Partnerships are exclusive to organizations that pass a detailed due diligence review. Business Partners enjoy benefits such as prioritization in sponsorship, conference exhibits, and advertising opportunities, prominent recognition on the GSBA website, and the right to use the GSBA Business Partner logo. This elite status highlights their endorsement and active promotion by GSBA.

Business Associates

GSBA offers Business Associates varied engagement options, such as sponsorship, exhibits, and advertising, tailored to meet organizational needs. Participants can choose from different levels of involvement, allowing for a customized approach to their engagement. GSBA provides personal consultations to help businesses optimize their involvement in GSBA activities throughout the year, with opportunities allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Interested organizations must submit an application to be considered for participation in either of the GSBA Business Opportunities programs.

Business Associates Program

Meet the Team

Key Benefits

Explore the advantages of engaging with Georgia’s educational leaders through the GSBA Business Opportunities Program.

Elevated Profile

Boost your business's profile among educational leaders and peers with high-impact visibility opportunities.

Strategic Partnerships

Forge strategic alliances with schools and educational institutions to drive business and community impact.

Value-Driven Collaborations

Leverage opportunities for value-driven collaborations that align with your business goals and educational missions.

Operational Flexibility

Benefit from the flexibility to tailor your involvement and contributions to fit your business capabilities and interests.

Market Visibility

Increase your brand's visibility within Georgia's educational sector through GSBA's platforms and events.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with key educational leaders and other businesses to expand your professional network.

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GSBA Business Opportunities

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