The mission of the Georgia School Boards Association is to ensure excellence in the governance of local school systems by providing leadership, advocacy and services, and by representing the collective resolve of Georgia’s elected boards of education.


Support Staff

GSBA Event Calendar

No January events

2 (Thursday)

Board Chair Workshop

14 - 15 (Tuesday - Wednesday)

New Board Member Orientation

7 (Tuesday)

Board Chair Workshop

13 - 17 (Monday - Friday)

School Board Appreciation Week

17 (Friday)

Summer Conference Request for Presentations Due

31 (Friday)

Board Recognition Application Opens

18 (Tuesday)

Summer Conference Informational Webinar

24 (Monday)

GOC Meeting

25 (Tuesday)

Registration Opens for GSBA’s Summer Conference

27 (Thursday)

Registration Opens for Hyatt Hotel Reservations

4 (Thursday)

Appoint a Delegate for the Delegate Assembly

24 (Wednesday)

Registration fees for the Workshops and the Conference will increase by $70 each

8 (Thursday)

Pre-Conference Workshops for GSBA’s Summer Conference

9-10 (Friday - Saturday)

 GSBA’s Summer Conference & Delegate Assembly

28 (Friday)

Board Recognition Program Application Closes

Leading Edge Award Application Opens

12 (Tuesday)

Safety Workshop

Leading Edge Award Application Closes

Beacon Award Applications Opens

3 (Tuesday)

Finance Workshop

13 (Friday)

Deadline for Board Service Recognition

Registration Opens for the 2023 GSBA/GSSA Annual Conference

Beacon Award Application Closes

14-15 (Tuesday and Wednesday)

New Board Member Orientation

29 (Wednesday)

Pre-Conference Workshops for the 2023 GSBA/GSSA Annual Conference

30 (Thursday)

2023 GSBA/GSSA Annual Conference

1 (Friday)

2023 GSBA/GSSA Annual Conference

Trainings, Workshops, and GSBA Events

GSBA offers an assortment of workshops, trainings, and events that help prepare both board members, support staff, and school administrators.

Workshops | Support Staff

GSBA’s Support Staff Workshop | June 6, 2024

GSBA’s Support Staff Workshop allows collaboration among attendees at a workshop specifically designed for central office support staff personnel. Hear from experts on legal hot topics, parliamentary procedure, GSBA resources, and more!

Board Chair Workshops

Support Staff Workshop

New Board Member Orientations

Policy Workshop

Legal Issues Workshop

Board + Superintendent Relationships and Accountability

Whole Board Governance Team Training

School Board U

Connect with Other Support Staff across Georgia!

We encourage you to join the Support Staff group in GSBA’s Hub. Use this community to ask questions and find answers, trade tips and tricks, and more! The Hub is free for GSBA members.

Awards + Recognition Information

Leading Edge Award

The GSBA Leading Edge Award seeks to highlight school districts that are leading the way in ensuring students are competitive in an ever-changing global market.

Board Service Recognition

This program recognizes local public school board members who have served 15 (15-24), 25 (25-29), or 30+ years of consecutive or non-consecutive years on their local board.

Beacon Award

Recognizes reporting on public education by people, representatives, or organizations whose coverage has created an understanding of education issues.

Board Recognition

The Board Recognition Program is a 3-tier process to achieve the highest level in board governance. The 3 levels are Quality, Distinguished, & Exemplary.

Governance Team of the Year

This prestigious award honors the top board/superintendent team that best demonstrates its commitment to student achievement.

GSBA Contacts

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Policy Information

Board Recognition Program & Leading Edge

Credit Hours (Including School Board U Online Classes)

Updating Board Members, Superintendents, and Support Staff

Superintendent Search Services

Board Service Pins

Student Video Contest & Beacon Award

GSBA Events

Parliamentary Procedure

Whole Board Governance Training


Sample Documents
Checklist for Onboarding New Board Members
Department of Education Documents
Simbli by eBOARDsolutions

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Filling a Board Vacancy

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Will the FY2024 Board Catalog be Released?

The FY2024 catalog will be released in July 2023.

Board Member Training Requirements. These Must be Completed each Year.

New Board Members: 15 hours

  • 3 hours of Whole Board Governance Training. This is done with your governance team within your district and must be provided by a DOE-approved trainer.
  • 3 hours of a Local District Orientation. This must include 1 hour of local school finance. This is facilitated by your superintendent, a DOE-approved trainer does not need to be present.
  • 9 hours of New Board Member Orientation. This includes 5 hours of required DOE Finance Training


They must complete this training within their first calendar year of service.



Veteran Board Members: 9 hours

  • 3 hours of Whole Board Governance Training. This is done with your governance team within your district and must be provided by a DOE-approved trainer.
  • 6 hours of General Training

Does GSBA Award Credit for New Board Members Who Attend a Pre-Conference Workshop at the Annual Conference Even if They are Not Sworn in Yet?

Yes, GSBA awards credit hours to new board members who attend a pre-conference workshop prior to being sworn in.

If I am Retiring from My School System, Whom do I Need to Notify to Update Our Contact Info with the New Secretary?

For any changes in staff or board members, please contact Emily Thompson-Anderson, our Database Administrator.


Changes to your profile may be made at any time.

Where Can I Find Information on Hotels for Regional Workshops?

All details relating to regional workshops may be found on the individual event registration page. All active GSBA events may be found here.

Do Board Members Get Credit for Attending the Summer/Annual Conference

No, board members only receive credit for attending the pre-conference workshops. They do not receive credit for attending the conference itself.

I registered my board members through embrAMS for courses in School Board U. When will the courses be made available to them?

Courses are made manually available to board members after receiving the purchase order. However, the timing of the availability of the courses can vary depending on when the purchase was made.

How Do I Check My Board Members’ Credit Hours?

Board Member credit hours may be viewed in our profile system here.


Once you log in, access the people tab, then click on a board member’s name. Then click on the CEU tab and all their GSBA training will be listed there. If training was not provided by GSBA, it will not be listed here.

Can a Newly Elected Board Member Attend New Board Member Orientation Before They are Sworn In?

Yes, they can attend the November New Board Member Orientation and receive credit for participating. They may also attend the February New Board Member Orientation after they are sworn in.

Can a Superintendent Attend Regional Workshops with Their Board Members?

Yes, superintendents can attend New Board Member Orientation, Board Chair Workshops, and any other regional workshops GSBA hosts. They will pay the same registration fee as board members.


Superintendents do not receive credit hours for attending the workshops.

If a Board Member is Leaving the Board at the End of the Year, Do They Still have to Complete Their Credit Hours?

Yes, board members must complete all required training in their last year of service. Otherwise, the school board will not be in compliance with Georgia DOE rules.

Does GSBA Make Presentations Available for Regional Workshops?

Yes, GSBA will send out presentations and handouts to all registered attendees after the workshop concludes.

If a Board Member Attends a COSSBA Event, Will They Receive Credit Hours?

No, board members who attend COSSBA events do not receive credit. GADOE requirements state that all board training must be provided by a DOE-approved trainer.

My board member(s) attended a pre-conference workshop. When will they receive their credits?

Please allow a few weeks after the conference for credits to be shown on board members’ profiles.

Do I need to submit my Local Board Governance Annual Training Report to GSBA?

No. Your training report should be sent to the Georgia Department of Education. You can contact Matt Cardoza at or 404-550-7298.

What Do I Need to Submit to the Georgia Department of Education?

DOE Annual Training Plan

This is a list of training your board members may plan to attend throughout the upcoming fiscal year (July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024).


DOE Annual Training Report

This is a report of what training your board members received in the previous fiscal year (July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023)


Both are due to the DOE (not GSBA) on September 30, 2023.

Does GSBA Provide New Board Member Orientation at the Summer or Annual Conference?

No, GSBA offers New Board Member Orientation separate from our conferences. New Board Member Orientation takes place in November and February of each year*. (*dates subject to change).

I am Researching Pay for School Board Members All Over the State. Does GSBA have this Information?

Yes, GSBA has this information they can share with their members. Please contact Emily Thompson-Andersonto get this information.

If All My Board Members Take the Same Pre-Conference Workshop Together, Does That Count for Their Whole Board Training?

No, it does not. Whole Board Training is just with your governance team (superintendent and board members).

When Does Registration Open for GSBA Workshops and Conferences?

Registration for GSBA events typically opens approximately 6 weeks prior to the event date.

How can board members receive credits for watching a recording from a pre-conference workshop?

Please email Ashley Mosby at with the board member’s name and the workshop recording they viewed.

Our Governance Team held a whole board governance training with a different training provider. Can those hours be added to our GSBA profile?

Your profile will only show credit hours obtained through GSBA workshops, conferences, or whole board governance training.