The mission of the Georgia School Boards Association is to ensure excellence in the governance of local school systems by providing leadership, advocacy and services, and by representing the collective resolve of Georgia’s elected boards of education.


Mentor Program

Mentors Can Assist in “Learning the Ropes” of Board Governance

Through GSBA, new board members are assigned a mentor who will provide counsel, be a valuable resource and help keep you on the right path to good boardsmanship. The mentor gives advice about school board roles and responsibilities based upon best practices. The mentor does not offer legal counsel or advice on how to vote. The mentors will be using various ways to communicate with new board members such as face-to-face, telephone and email communications.

Trudy Sowar
GSBA Mentor

As required by the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE), newly elected members of local boards of education shall participate, as a minimum, in 15 hours of training within one year of taking office. Newly elected members may participate in such training for new board members after being elected as a member and before being sworn into the post. These requirements include: 
New Board Member Training Requirements


New Board Member Required Training – 9 hours
Five hours of this requirement must be training provided by the Finance and Budget Office of the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE).

Local District Orientation – 3 hours
One hour must be on district finances.

Whole Board Governance Training –3 hours
Three hours of annual Whole Board Governance (includes Superintendent)

Total Training  – 15 hours