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GSBA’s Board Development team is dedicated to empowering school boards through comprehensive training and resources. Leveraging a legacy of over 70 years, we offer specialized tools, including the online training platform “School Board U”, and assessment instruments that align with the Georgia State Board of Education’s Standards for Effective Governance. Our personalized, tailored approach ensures boards are equipped to excel in governance and leadership roles.


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GSBA conferences provide insightful gatherings that emphasize educational leadership, best practices, and collaborative networking opportunities for school board members.

Regional Workshops

View upcoming GSBA workshops, featuring immersive, hands-on training that addresses today's educational challenges and highlights governance best practices.

District Meetings

Participate in district meetings, designed to facilitate communication and collaboration between educational leaders in GSBA districts throughout the state.

Training Options

GSBA’s Board Development Team offers a diverse range of training opportunities, catering to various learning styles, from hands-on workshops to online courses. Each training session is meticulously tailored to address the unique needs and preferences of its participants, ensuring an optimized learning experience.

Georgia Department of Education Deadlines

IMPORTANT: The training year runs July 1 – June 30, with all training materials due to the Georgia Department of Education (not GSBA), according to the timeline above.

Whole-Board Governance
Team Training

Contact GSBA’s board development team to customize your board training agenda, using the standards for effective governance to drive training outcomes.

Board Training Workshops

View and register for GSBA's regional workshops to stay updated on current issues and best practices from across our state.
Online Training Courses

School Board U:
Online Training Courses

Register for online board governance courses and enhance your learning experience by downloading the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Board Requirements

In Georgia, school board members are mandated to undergo training to ensure they are equipped with the essential knowledge and skills to govern effectively. This training covers core areas such as board operations, financial management, and board-superintendent relations, ensuring comprehensive leadership preparedness for all board members.

View the board development catalog for a complete list of training requirements and offerings.

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Hours of Training

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