GSBA Awards Program

Recognizing and honoring excellence in leadership and board governance.

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The GSBA Awards Program recognizes and celebrates outstanding achievements in board governance and leadership. It honors school boards and individuals who exemplify innovative practices and exemplary leadership, with a strong commitment to improving educational outcomes. This annual program serves as a beacon of excellence, inspiring and setting standards for school boards across Georgia.

Award categories include:

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Award Categories

Governance Team of the Year

The Governance Team of the Year Award celebrates the exceptional board/superintendent team that exemplifies a deep commitment to advancing student achievement and bolstering community trust and support for public education.
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Leading Edge Awards

The Leading Edge Awards recognize school districts that are at the forefront of educational innovation, focusing on equipping students with skills to thrive in an increasingly competitive global market.
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Board Recognition Awards

The Board Recognition Awards, reflecting state standards for governance, is a three-tier program with Quality, Distinguished, and Exemplary levels, honoring boards excelling in effective governance and public education leadership.
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Beacon Awards

The Beacon Award acknowledges sustained, impactful reporting on public education, recognizing those who enhance public understanding of school issues and policies through mass media, with nominations approved by the board of education.
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Partnership Commendations

The Partnership Commendation Award is a prestigious recognition program designed for local boards to honor and celebrate businesses and organizations that actively support and enhance public education at the local level.
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Board Service Recognition

The Board Service Recognition program celebrates the dedication, achievements, and longevity of Georgia's school board members, acknowledging their commitment to effective governance and excellence in local school system management
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Student Video Contest

The Student Video Contest is an annual competition where public high school students across the state create short, creative videos based on a given theme, with top winners receiving prizes and recognition at GSBA's Annual Conference.
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GSBA Awards Program

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