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Created in 1951, the Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA) is a voluntary, 501(c)3 nonprofit, statewide educational association that serves and represents the 180 locally elected boards of education in Georgia. The association represents “the collective resolve” of its member boards and provides information and services to school boards that serve the 1.7 million school children in Georgia.

GSBA’s Strategic Plan

Visionwhat we want to achieve or accomplish in the future

Public education in Georgia will provide all children an equitable and excellent education that prepares them for college, career, and life.


Missionwhy we exist

The mission of the Georgia School Boards Association is to ensure excellence in the governance of local school systems by providing leadership, advocacy and services, and by representing the collective resolve of Georgia’s elected boards of education.


Beliefsour fundamental convictions, values, and character

  • Every human life has value
  • The family is the most important influence in the development of a person
  • Society has a duty to care for all children
  • An educated population is fundamental to the success of our society
  • Effective public education is the cornerstone of an educated population
  • The sharing of ideas and principles leads to collective wisdom
  • Trust is vital for effective leadership
  • In unity there is strength
  • Learning is a life-long process
  • Wise decisions are based on ethical principles


Guiding Principlesdefine what is truly important for our success

  • We will always encourage high academic achievement
  • We will always strive to serve the needs of local governance teams
  • We will always support the state’s constitutional responsibility to meet the educational needs of all students
  • We will always strive to lead the dialogue on the deliverance of education to children
  • We will always collaborate with other stakeholders to continue to improve public education.


Strategic Prioritieskey areas of focus throughout our work to help guide our decision making around the allocation of resources and provide a focus on the organization’s overarching goals to ensure coherent and considered action

  • Collaboration
  • Governance Team Effectiveness
  • Strategic Planning
  • Student Success
  • Support for Public Education


Strategic Goal Areas and Performance Objectives


Strategic Goal Areashighlight the key areas that we must address as our work to achieve our mission.


Performance Objectives describe the specific strategies within each strategic goal area that must be performed for us to achieve our desired results. Performance objectives, along with specific performance measures will be used to determine progress towards overall strategic goal areas.


Goal Area 1 – Governance Team Effectiveness

  • Build high performing governance teams
  • Promote implementation of an effective district strategic plan that creates a unified direction
  • Promote a safe environment that enhances student success


Goal Area 2 – Public Support

  • Increase community engagement and improve the perception of and support for public education
  • Increase our effectiveness and influence with state policymakers


Goal Area 3 – Operations

  • Engage the board in effective governance practices
  • Build a climate and culture that unites our staff, leverages their strengths, and develops their capacity
  • Ensure the efficient use of resources to maximize our time and capacity to deliver superior services and support to meet the needs of our members