2023 Beacon Award Winners Announced

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Honoring Excellence in Educational Journalism

The Georgia School Boards Association is thrilled to announce the winners of this year’s Beacon Award. GSBA’s Beacon Award recognizes reporting on public education by people, representatives, or organizations whose coverage or projects over time has created an understanding of public education issues by informing the general public about programs, policies and/or issues affecting the public schools, students, and/or communities.

The GSBA Awards committee, made of board of education members from all over Georgia, critiqued the applications and chose those they felt best reflected fair and unbiased reporting from the nominations, emphasizing the importance of accuracy and depth in educational journalism.

The three winners were honored at an awards session during the GSBA/GSSA Annual Conference on November 30, 2023.

The three winning nominations, as determined by the judges, included: 

Beacon Award Reporter

Dodge County Schools

Small Category: 1-3,000 students

Baldwin County Schools

Medium Category: 3,001-10,000 students

Henry County Schools

10,001+ students

This recognition serves not only as a celebration of excellence in journalism but also underscores the vital role that informed, thoughtful coverage plays in shaping public perceptions and policies regarding education. By highlighting the contributions of these winners, GSBA aims to encourage a broader dialogue around the successes and challenges within Georgia’s public schools, fostering a community that supports and values educational progress and innovation.