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The Georgia School Boards Association offers a range of essential services to school boards across the state. These services include advocacy support, professional development, policy resources, and more. By equipping school boards with these resources, the association empowers local schools to make informed decisions, enhance educational practices, and ultimately, improve the learning experience and outcomes for students in Georgia.

GSBA Board of Directors

Member Services

GSBA offers a wide array of services to assist local boards and school districts to effectively govern and manage everything from policy manuals and strategic planning to public engagement and risk management.

Explore GSBA’s services to learn how your district can be supported and successful.

GSBA Member Services


GSBA maintains an active presence in all areas of advocacy on behalf of public education at the state and national levels.  The association also provides numerous opportunities for engagement through workshops, forums, and participation in the Consortium of State School Boards Associations Federal Advocacy Conference.

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Georgia School Boards Association hosts a variety of workshops, trainings, conferences, and virtual events to help school board members reach their required training hours each year. State law and state board rules require school board members to obtain board governance training each year. All GSBA training is approved by the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE).


GSBA provides information and support for various important topics and areas of focus for school board members to be aware of and for more in depth know ledge for success in the board room.From member resources to general topics, you will find a host of relevant information to inform your school board business.


From strategic communication guidance to legislative advocacy tools, GSBA equips members with resources to help communicate and advocate for their communities' educational needs.

Board Development

Examine board development resource offerings to enhance the skills and capabilities of educational leaders, fostering effective governance and leadership within school boards.

Member Services

Explore resource offerings to provide valuable support, expertise, and networking opportunities for GSBA member school boards and their communities.


View communication resources designed to empower educational leaders with effective strategies and tools for transparent, impactful, and community-engaging communication.

GSBA Video Gallery

Explore the GSBA Video Gallery today and discover a wealth of valuable insights for school boards, educators, and communities and view informative videos on professional development, policy implementation, and inspiring success stories. 

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