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The GSBA Board Recognition Program is a 3 tier, 3-year process to achieve the highest level. The 3 recognition program levels are Quality, Distinguished and Exemplary. GSBA developed this program to reflect the state standards, which offers school boards additional ways to increase their effectiveness. The State Board of Education developed the state standards for governance that form the foundation for GSBA’s awards and recognition program.

In an effort to improve, simplify and streamline the GSBA Board Recognition program, we will be suspending this award recognition for fiscal year 2017 in an effort to develop a new and improved program that truly reflects the highest achievements of all board members in a governance team. In order for a governance team to function at its highest level, each member should conduct themselves with the preeminent ethics, adherence to roles and responsibilities and a laser focus on what is best for all students.

A new program will be created that will reflect these important standards for effective governance for all board of education members. GSBA will continue to communicate the new developments for this program to ensure local boards can showcase to their communities’ effective board business.

Valarie Wilson
Executive Director