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Recognizing exemplary boards

The GSBA Board Recognition Program is a 3 tier, 3-year process to achieve the highest level. The 3 recognition program levels are Quality, Distinguished and Exemplary. GSBA developed this program to reflect the state standards, which offers school boards additional ways to increase their effectiveness. The State Board of Education developed the state standards for governance that form the foundation for GSBA’s awards and recognition program.

During the State of the Association at the 2017 GSBA Summer Conference in Savannah, we announced that the Association decided to review and revise the Board Recognition Program. The purpose of revising the program was that the process revealed some unintended gaps which ultimately caused the integrity of the process to be in question.

Board Recognition Program for FY18

We are pleased to release a new and improved Board Recognition Program. This new program operates the same as the previous 3-tiered process using Quality, Distinguished and Exemplary Board levels with additional criteria to meet. Participants applied to the program based on the last level achieved. The program operates on a July 1-June 30 fiscal year. The applications were submitted in May and all board member training was completed by 5:00 p.m. on June 7, 2018 in Savannah. GSBA recognized the boards on June 8 during the Summer Conference.

This improved Board Recognition Program requires a higher level of commitment from school boards and individual members. The ultimate goal is to provide a platform based on governance standards which challenges boards, but creates a culture of success for students and communities.

Previous Board Award Listings

* 2017 Program Temporarily Suspended

Other GSBA Awards

GSBA will continue the regular cycle for the Partnership Commendations, Beacon Awards and Service Awards.

2019 School Boards Appreciation Week in Georgia

Will be held on March 18-22, 2019 – GSBA is proud to serve the state’s locally elected boards of education. GSBA has developed numerous ways to assist local systems in honoring local boards and board members!  THANKS for all you do for Georgia public school students!

2018 School Boards Appreciation Week was held on March 12-16, 2018.